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Hybrid Carbon Core Cloth

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Width: 762mm | 30”

Hybrid Cloth

The Carbon Hybrid cloth is custom made (purpose built) for surfboard production and has become the industry standard for strengthening the rails and tail area of surfboards, the area’s most affected by high impact, back foot pressure and structural integrity. The Hybrid Cloth is designed to deliver the highest performance surfboard cloth on the market. The Carbon Hybrid Tapes uses a blend o 2 xf 2mm thick flat-tow 3K carbon and a polyester E-Class with 22mm interval spacing between the carbon. This construction ensures a high strength to flex ratio and doesn’t effect the natural flex of the board. Moreover, the use of Uni-Directional weave pattern provides a high impact strength and allows for a kinetic flex pattern that will spring the tail back to its natural curve which creates extra drive and speed. The Carbon Hybrid Cloth uses carbon running through the cloth length ways, this minimizes twisting in the board. Allowing the carbon to transfer the energy more evenly and distribute a truer flex throughout the entire board.

This Carbon Hybrid cloth creates a kinetic Flex (or pop as surfers are familiar with), which loads the flex of the board and releases it at the pinnacle parts of your surfing (airs, whacks or turns). This will allow you to come quicker out of turns and result in a more lively and responsive feel.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloth

  • No twisting of the surfboard
  • More pop, mpre drive, more speed
  • Faster and more responsive feel
  • Less weak spots (due to carbon)
  • Evenly distributed Flex and Flex Memory (board returns to true rocker)
  • Flex memory retains to the true rocker of the surfboard

Industry Uses:

Tail Patches Manufactures place the Carbon Hybrid Cloth on the Tail of surfboards to prevent the tails from shattering and strengthening the deck from foot compressions.

Bottom of the board The Carbon Hybrid Cloths are also used on the bottom of the surfboards to create additional spring or pop out of the board. This is know as a kinetic flex, as the board is placed under pressure while in transition, during or out of a turn the board springs back to its natural curvature and delivers additional speed.

Deck and Bottom of the board The Carbon Hybrid Cloth is often used on the deck and bottom of stringerless surfboards. This is to add additional strength or to replace the strength that a timber stringer would provide, therefore creating a Multiple Parabolic Frame Effect. The Parabolic Frame helps prevent the board from twisting which increases the liveliness/responsiveness, this also creates a parabolic flex pattern that allows the board to deliver more drive, speed and power.

Resin Compatibility:

The Carbon Hybrid Tapes are compatible with both Epoxy and Polyester Resin

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