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Silmar Laminate Resin


Silmar® brand SIL66 resins are the most widely used for surfboard manufacturing in the industry. In fact, they are sold throughout the world. These resins feature low color, excellent UV-resistance plus remarkably stable viscosity and gel times.

Our SIL66BQ-249A has been the best selling surfboard resin in the world with a sales volume that exceeds all other resin competitors combined. In 1961, in Hawthorne, California the Beach Boys developed their unique and lasting Surfing sound. Silmar developed the unique and lasting quality of our SIL66BQ-249A also in Hawthorne, California, the same year, 1961.

This resin is used for surfboards, flooring, and coatings. It has low color and is FDA approvable. It has exceptionally good color and cures almost water clear in laminates or films. It has a low viscosity for easy wet out and is promoted for room temperature cure. We suggest this resin whenever color is of paramount importance. This resin is also suitable for flooring use in meat and poultry processing facilities that must conform to USDA requirements.


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