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Vector Net (Aramid Large Diamond)

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Width: 635mm | 25”
Colour: Black/Clear
Diamond Pattern: 1 Spacing

Vector Net Tape

The Vector Net Series uses Aramid (also know as Kevlar), due to it incredible tensile strength and offers a more lively flex to carbon as Kevlar does not get stiff but offers high impact strength when laminated. We have manufactured the Vector Net in an X pattern, this is because once it has been applied to the board it allows the board to have multiple flex outlets. The X Pattern spreads to flex to the tail, rail any other part of the board when in use. The Vector Net is our lightest rail tape, patch and cloth.

Industry Uses:

Back Rails Manufactures place the Vector Net Tapes on the back rail of surfboards to prevent the tails from shattering and strengthening the deck from foot compressions.

Bottom of the board The Vector Net Tapes are also used on the bottom of the surfboards to create additional spring or pop out of the board. This is know as a kinetic flex, as the board is place under pressure while in transition, during or out of a turn the board springs back to its natural curvature and delivers additional speed.

Full Rail of the board The Vector Net Tapes are often used along the full length of the surfboard rail with stringerless surfboards. This is to add additional strength or to replace the strength that a timber stringer would provide, therefore creating a Parabolic Frame. The Parabolic Frame helps prevents the board from twisting which increases the liveliness/responsiveness, this also creates a parabolic flex pattern that allows to board to deliver more drive, speed and power.

Lay-ups: The Vector Net Tapes are used during the lamination process. The tapes are place on the foam before the cloth is laminated. Most manufactures mark the area they wish to place the Vector Net, and brush a small amount of resin on the foam (to prevent to the Vector Net Tapes from moving). The Vector Net Tapes are then placed on the resin (making sure the resin has soaked through) and then continue to lay the cloth over the board and laminate as normal.

Resin Compatibility:

The Vector Net cloth is compatible with both Epoxy and Polyester Resin.

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